* Update: All deactivated hubs in the database was given a second chance.

* Added: Dutch language (translated by Foxy)

Update on website:
* Fixed: Bug in hubdetails userstats bars
* Fixed: Bug in usersearch for hexhub fixed (reported by Lord_Zero)
* Fixed: Bug in Hubs making it possible to insert javascript events onfocus and onblur in the textbox (reported by philip_clarke)
* Added: Polish language (translated by Neo)
* Edited: The language system

Info is running QPinger v0.18 with buildin CTM detection made by The_Architect.
Our goal is not to be the largest hublist out there, our goal is to become the best one.
A fair, fast and clean list. (We will not ban hubsofts due to what they can be used for like the other lists)